An interview with Martin Pistorius, the inspirational ‘Ghost Boy’

I recently had the honour of interviewing Martin Pistorius, author of Ghost Boy, for the latest issue of Guru Magazine, out today.


Image © The Sunday Times

Brave author Pistorius’ memoirs tells the tale of the South African who, at the age of twelve, fell mysteriously ill – first losing his voice, then stopping eating and, within 18 months, being completely mute and wheelchair-bound, unable to communicate or interact with those around him and seemingly a shell of his former self.

Doctors were unable to offer a solution. Friends were left reeling. And Martin’s poor parents were understandably devastated. But the person affected most by it all was Martin who, unbeknownst to those around him, was ‘locked in’ to his ailing body. Having no memory of anything before his illness, Pistorius awoke inside his new body and became completely aware of what was happening around him – but was unable to tell a soul.

Thanks to advancements in technology and an incredible determination to survive, Pistorious has now been able to tell his story – and it really is an emotional journey.

Read the full interview here.